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   Inside Ocean City is an annual, hardbound coffee-table book that delights readers with a savvy, insider's view of the resort.  It is available, in-room, at Ocean City hotels, motels and condo rentals.

   Through gorgeous photography and insightful articles, Inside Ocean City is a publication visitors are compelled to pick up and want to linger over - timely yet timeless, and reflective of the soul and spirit of the city.  It's modern, eye-catching designs and innovative layouts create an environment designed to attract advertisers, impress hotels and the travelers who stay in them.
   Inside Ocean City offers useful information that helps tourist decide where to go, what to do, where to eat, what to buy and what attractions to visit during their time in the resort.  Inside Ocean City offers rich content and editorialized layout for advertisers, offering them the opportunity to share the scope of their business as opposed to a snapshot.

   Inside Ocean City occupies approximately 97% of the hotel rooms in town, and 70% of the rental condos; reaching over 4.5 million beach visitors! Our publication can also be found on all OC Lifeguard Stands, in local golf course locker rooms, on may bars next to the top shelf liquor and in waiting room scenarios all over town! 
   AND, it's an affordable medium.
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    Delmarva Unleashed is Delmarva's Dog Magazine, reaching over 220,000 readers across the peninsula and in the surrounding metro area.

   Favoring a more "holistic" approach to the canine lifestyle, Delmarva Unleashed offers topics on canine health and well-being, training, tips on the latest canine research and findings, quality products and topics local to the Eastern Shore.

   The publication is available online and can be found where quality dog food is sold across the Eastern Shore.

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